Pavilion mould


Product advantage:

(1)Strong. The cement fences use sand and Portland cement as the main raw material. They are very solid after finished. The built-in steel bar increases the bending and impact strength.

(2)Beautiful. The cement fences have the attractive appearance, smooth line and rich color. It is easy to make a variety of design.

(3)Cheap. The raw material of cement artistic fences can be got easily and cheap.

The concrete fence,  column have the three main advantages: strong, beautiful and cheap. The process of producing fence and baluster is to use centrifugal principle, combined with moulds. By high speed centrifugal principle, it can make four fences for one time in 2-3 minutes, which realizes the mechanized assembly line production. The fully fashioned cement artistic fences have the smooth surface, pore-free without the need of secondary processing. The installation process doesn’t need the screw, which is convenient and swift.


The concrete fence, baluster, column and flower pot can be widely used in parks, residence communities, tree lawns, bridges, schools and so on..

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