Embossing mold


Embossing mold

polyurethane pavement mold can be used for pavement road ,garden decoration,outdoor pavement.

1polyurethane pavement mold can be used more than10000times warranty

2polyurethane mold with the variety size ,can slao made according to your request;

3polyurethane mold can make the concrete products with various of shapes ,its depends on you;

4polyurethane pavement mold have a good quality and a good price;

5polyurethane pavement mold with  fast delivery;

6polyurethane pavement mold can make the concrete products with smooth surface,good looking;

7polyurethane pavement mold more easy to release the mold.

8Mold:We prefer to send design to our customer for confirmation before production. After confirmed, then we will put it into production totally the same as customersdemand.

9Sample Shoot:If the mold we produce cant match what customer need, we will amend our design and put it into production until satisfy customers demand.

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